You’ll never sleep with a stranger on PandaBed!

You’ll never sleep with a stranger on PandaBed!
20 Aug 2015

Home sharing platforms are great and offers a win-win situation to both hosts and guests. You get to meet strangers from around the world and share similar experiences, right?

Wanderlust travelers, have you secretly feared what kind of hosts you will be getting? Starry eyed hosts, have you ever feared that this stranger could potentially mess your home? What if an Asian home-sharing platform can promise, both travellers and homeowners, that they will never need to stay/host a stranger again?

Introducing PandaBed, an Asian home-sharing platform that connects Asian host to travelers who are like-minded culturally, socially and professionally. Unlike the western model where travellers and homeowners look to experience a differentiated experience, we believe that mainstream Asian travelers still feel comfortable with hosts who are similar to them.


One of the highlighted features on the new PandaBed platform is the PeerMatch function. You’ll probably need a PhD in Statistic to understand how we match host and guest who are aliked. In essence, PeerMatch is an advance profiling matching for host-guest. With this, traveller and homeowners can be empowered by indicating their guest’s or host’s preferences such as cultural background, dietaries, language, personality, age, profession and put a weightage to the preferences.

The PeerMatch algorithm will compute a matching score between traveller and homeowners – the higher the score, the better is the match, and a higher likelihood of having a pleasant traveling/hosting experience.

We understand that Asians see the home as a personal and intimate space. Therefore, maintaining harmony (yin-yang) is important. PandaBed aims to spur the rapid growth of the Peer-to-Peer home sharing movement by aligning it with Asian values and insights.

Be a PandaBed Guest

SIGN UP AND CREATE PEERMATCH PROFILE – 1 minute is all it takes

To find your best match, complete the PeerMatch Profile and our matching algorithm will compute a matching score between hosts and guests. Remember, the higher the score, the better the match!


    Be a PandaBed Host 


If you are an existing host, our Property Scout can list for you instantly. After the listing is lived, all you need is 3 minute to answer our PeerMatch Profiling question and you’ll never need to host a stranger again!


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