Top 5 waterfalls in Asia

Top 5 waterfalls in Asia
05 Dec 2015

Flora and fauna-based adventurers would love Asia for the various terrains and creatures that the region offers. Perhaps one such natural structure that draws much attention is waterfalls, especially the majestic kind, which doesn’t freeze up (normally), and remains as tropical as ever.

Pass by these lush tropical areas and visit these five wonderful waterfalls in Asia:

1. Jog Falls, India

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This four-falls structure in the state of Karnataka is a good falls to visit during the rainy seasons as it is easily considered as one of India’s tallest and largest waterfalls around. Regardless of the dwindling water supply due to some hydroelectric projects connected to the falls, it’s still worth a visit to see the 830 feet tall structure of Mother Nature.

2. Huangguoshu Waterfalls, China


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The largest waterfall in eastern Asia is in the province of Guizhou, China. Labeled as the most famous falls of the country, the Huangguoshu Waterfalls towers at 243 feet tall and about 266 feet wide. It is a protected area by being situated at the Huangguoshu Falls National Park where visitors could enjoy the scenery and the waters. For the more adventurous visitors, a swim to get behind the falls is a good discovery, for one will enter the Curtain Cave after the shower of waters.

3. Khone Phapeng Falls, Laos

Khon Phapheng falls

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Departing from the usual scenic view of falls is Khone Phapeng Falls in Laos. This is considered as the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia, and its strong currents also make it the largest waterfall along the Mekong river system of the area. The falls is located in Champasak province of Laos which is near the Cambodian border.

4. Ginga Falls and Ryusei Falls, Japan


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Regarded as the husband and wife falls in Japan, these twin falls are so near each other that they earned that moniker from nature lovers. Located in Hokkaido’s Sounkyo canyons, one of the largest in Japan, these falls are a favorite destination in any season. For the non-winter season, it’s nice to see the flowing waters of these beautiful falls. But in the winter, it is converted into a tourist destination for ice climbing. So whichever season works!

5. Tinuy-An Falls, Philippines

little-niagara-falls (1)

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In the Mindanao region of the country, Tinuy-An Falls in the province of Surigao del Sur is considered as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. Perhaps not as humongous but equally majestic in her own rights, these falls in the town of Bislig is truly an encounter that’s not to be missed. There is a way for tourists to visit the side area of the falls where one could have an overlooking view of the whole scenery. The surrounding areas are popular for family picnics and swims. Worth the trek!

Written by: Olivia Cantor



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