The Exciting Visayas, the Philippines

The Exciting Visayas, the Philippines
30 Nov 2015

The Philippines is well known to be composed of a thousand islands. Most of these islands are located in the Visayas region or the middle part of the country. Visayas offers a lot of different experiences for travellers. From food, to beaches and wonderful sceneries, the Visayas region of the Philippines is definitely place tourists should explore.

Here are 3 provinces that we recommend:

1. Bohol

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Travel to Bohol will for sure give you an appreciation for the Philippines. From historical landmarks and churches, to amazing natural wonders like the Chocolate hills and Balicasag Island or eating lunch as you traverse the Loboc river, Bohol offers an exciting and memorable experience for all kinds of travellers.

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2. Palawan


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Palawan is home to incredible natural wonders the country has. You have choices of whether to go to Puerto Princesa, Coron or El Nido. Each offers a different side of Palawan but all 3 promises to show you a beautiful side of the province. Puerto Princesa boasts of the Underground River, Honda Bay and dolphin watching activities. El Nido and Coron on the other hand offers beautiful diving sites, lagoons and island hopping adventures that tourists must experience.

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3. Aklan


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Aklan is known for the country’s most popular beach Boracay. Boracay’s powdery sand, exciting activities and bustling nightlife makes it a top destination for tourists. Aside from Boracay though, the main island of Aklan offers a lot for tourists. From local museums and historical churches, ecological parks and the very well known Ati-atihan festival, Aklan is surely one of the most exciting provinces in the Visayas region.

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If you are in one province in Visayas you can definitely go to another by taking an alternate more affordable transportation like buses or boats instead of the expensive option of flying. The beauty of Visayas is there is always something new to discover by going to a nearby province. At Pandabed, we want you to experience and explore the wonderful islands in the Visayas region without the expense of hotel living. Visit Visayas on your next travel and be amazed by it!

Written by: Gracielle Hernandez

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