Thailand Homeowners: Host a traveller for the Songkran Festival by renting your room or home

Thailand Homeowners: Host a traveller for the Songkran Festival by renting your room or home
06 May 2015

Calling on all Thailand residents: Open your homes to tourists hoping to experience the Songkran water festival by renting your homes for the festivities on April 13-15. You can also earn cash by doing so.


Thailand’s New year celebration is expected to attract thousand of tourists on these dates and as such would result in a shortage of accommodations for travellers. We encourage Thai homeowners to provide a solution and help their local tourism by renting out your spare rooms or homes, by doing this you can also earn US$10-200/night in the process.


3 Simple Steps to Rent Out Your Home On PandaBed

On, homeowners can simply list your spare rooms on our website within 20 minutes!

1. Take high quality photos of your room/home. Make it as pleasing and accurate as possible.

2. Start a PandaBed account. Upload photos, describe your home and state your price per night. Listing is 100% free!

3. Publish your home and start accepting bookings globally!

Guest can book and make payment for your room through our website. If you charge US$10 per night for each room! You can earn an extra US$200 if you rent out for 20 nights! Our commission is only 10%.


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About PandaBed: PandaBed is about helping you book one of our 10,000 trustworthy vacation rentals in Asia, connect with 5000 hospitable and helpful hosts. Find authentic places to stay and pay less to your travel accommodations.

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Tips for First Time Host on PandaBed:

- If you are unsure about pricing, we propose a US$10-50 for a private room and US$50 – US$200 for an entire home during the Songkran Festival visit

- Guests who book your home usually expect you to provide clean sheets, towels and basic cooking equipment and cutlery.

- It is important to accurately describe your property and amenities. Even the flaws! Upload high quality photos for the guests know what to expect and to also have a good preview of the room.

- If you would like to provide extras like breakfast or cleaning services, please add these information in the details


Booking & Payment Process The host (property owner) has final decision whether to accept or decline the guest to stay in your home. Here is a basic booking and payment flow: 1. Guest sends booking request and keys in credit/debit card information. 2. Host has 24 hour to accept or decline the booking. 3. When host accepts booking, PandaBed collects the full payment from the guest. 4. The funds minus our 10% commission and transfer fees will be sent through Paypal or Western Union 1 day after check-in assuming no complaints from the guest. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to reach us. Details are available above. 


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn while helping travellers and your local tourism.




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