ETB Travel News, one of the leading travel websites globally, has featured Pandabed as one of their top stories.

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PandaBed launches PeerMatch 


E27, an online site for entrepreneurs and working towards groundbreaking innovation, has featured Pandabed on their website.


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Singapore-based PandaBed wants to make home-sharing like OkCupid

Asia One

AsiaOne, a free-access, one-stop information mall which serves users’ news, business and lifestyle needs, features Pandabed on their news page.

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Home sharing site PandaBed offers new matching service


Payoneer, one of the best international money transfer services, has become partners with Panda to provide our travel hosts a quick way in receiving funds using local bank transfer.

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Payoneer Partners With Pandabed to Offer Travel Hosts a Simple Way to Receive Funds


9 Yards Innovation

9 Yards Innovation has posted an article on Pandabed’s insights on the ” Sharing Economy ” in an event organised by The Innovators Network in Singapore.

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Airbnb & PandaBed’s success: Hospitality Localisation for Asia

Pandabed’s #BestInternship2015 has been featured in one of the leading travel blogs “Out of Town Blog”

Check out the post here: Want to Travel for FREE? Internships Just Got Cooler With PandaBed’s #BestInternship2015


PandaBed featured in TrendWatching Global Trend Briefing – world’s leading curator on innovative business models

Pandabed has been featured on a Netherlands business website! It highlights the unique Peermatch feature Pandabed offers.

Check out the post here: PandaBed Goes Matching on the Basis of Religion and Beliefs

We are excited about Pandabed’s feature in the most respected economic blog Collaborative Consumption. Check it here. Collaborative Consumption

One of our owners Lester Kang is on the cover of the Enterprise Magazine for the February issue. He talks about the Sharing Economy idea together with other Sharing company owners in an interview with Gwyneth Yeo. Get your copies now.

PandaBed was  featured on The Inquirer – Philippine’s largest circulating newspaper. Tatin Yang writes of her wonderful experience staying in an apartment in Singapore during her trip. Read more of the story here.

Pandabed received a full page feature by Malaysia’s largest circulating newspaper, The Star. Hosted stays and couch-surfing have changed the travel game, with an Asian start-up redefining the boundaries.

Read more about PandaBed and the founder’s vision here: Panda-ring to chang­ing tastes


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