Like-minded Hosts: How to Make Guest Enjoy Their Trip

Like-minded Hosts: How to Make Guest Enjoy Their Trip
13 Aug 2015

For travelers, having friends with similar interests is really fun and enjoyable to be with especially if you will be together for an adventure. Whether that is on a hiking trip or going to the beach and does some fun activities.

When travelers are looking for a place to stay, they make sure that it would also interest them in such a way that they could get to know more places from their hosts. Some local hosts believe real adventure begins with places that cannot be found on travel guides.

If you are a new like-minded host or unsuccessful in dealing with guests, these are things you can do to make your guests enjoy their trip:

Property Clean

1. Prepare For Your Guests

There is no place like home. Guests would really love to stay in a place that looks just like their own home. A clean and accommodating atmosphere is something that they would want during their stay.



2. Start the Day with a Smile

Like-minded hosts should be very accommodating, not just adhering to their guests needs, but putting a positive aura throughout the day will make a comfortable environment and will promote a better relationship. A simple, yet pure, smile would surely be appreciated by your guests, making them happy throughout the day.



3. Take Guests to Local Places

These guests are looking for a different kind of adventure as they want to experience what living with the locals. As a like-minded host, you need to take them to places where locals go. Parks, markets, and places with historical value like museums, monuments, roads and bridges, and other infrastructures that you think make your community unique and worth visiting.


street food

4. Street food is a MUST!

Travelers love exploring for local cuisines but wouldn’t spend much on fine dining. A like-minded host’s role would be bringing their guests to places where they can taste popular local food.


8-5-2015 4-06-54 PM

5. Use Pandabed’s Peermatching to Your Advantage

Learning all of these would make you more competent to host for future guests. Now you need to mention this on your Pandabed profile, as PeerMatch algorithm will look for possible guests that will suit your kind of accommodation.

By: Rhys Manapat

PandaBed  is an online community for like-minded homeowners and travelers to list, discover and book trustworthy homes, apartments, villa, b&b and homestay across Asia. Our PeerMatch feature empowers host and guest to be connected in areas like culture, language and religion. With over 10,000 homes, PandaBed provides an authentic and trustworthy traveling experience.




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