Like-minded Hosts – How to Fully Utilize PeerMatch

Like-minded Hosts – How to Fully Utilize PeerMatch
22 Aug 2015

On our previous post, we have mentioned how like-minded hosts can give their guests a memorable and enjoying trip. We also mentioned on how PeerMatching can help in having the right guests for you.


Get peermatched

Pandabed’s Peermatching is an add-on that helps travelers and homeowners to have a better understanding of each other before the actual meeting takes place. The concept is similar with online dating and matchmaking sites just that it is a host to guest book and travel relationship with a social approach.


host guest

For both host and guest, there are barriers for two parties to get engaged in such a relationship: culture, religion, language, gender and age. And being a host posting for Pandabed means that you are opening your doors to different people: to the public, to strangers.


To get the preferred Peermatch results when searching for a property or guests, both travelers and homeowners will need to fill in one-minute questionnaire to indicate and weigh their preferences. This would include gender preferences, spoken languages, interaction level, religion preference, and age group.

Hosts would want to take advantage of the Peermatching algorithm by accurately putting their preferences. That way, guests that will enquire about their property are matched with the people that they wanted to stay in their homes.

However, this is just half of the process. The other half is how you would communicate with your potential guests and understand more of their culture and needs.

By: Rhys Manapat

PandaBed  is an online community for like-minded homeowners and travelers to list, discover and book trustworthy homes, apartments, villa, b&b and homestay across Asia. Our PeerMatch feature empowers host and guest to be connected in areas like culture, language and religion. With over 10,000 homes, PandaBed provides an authentic and trustworthy traveling experience.



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