It’s Christmas Time in Asia!

It’s Christmas Time in Asia!
26 Dec 2015

As we celebrate the Yuletide season, the Western Countries almost get all of the credits. Asia is not known for Christmas festivals as it is a continent which is not predominantly Christian but we are here to give you the top 5 countries to visit this Christmas!



Japan is known for a lot of things and one of the most underrated events is to visit it in the Christmas season. In Tokyo, almost everything is covered in Christmas lights and very big Christmas trees. It is also snowing at this time so you will get the Christmas vibe as same in most of the Western countries. Japan is also known for making a lot of unique products therefore, making it one of the best destinations to buy gifts for you loved ones.


South Korea

South Korea is the only country in East Asia to celebrate Christmas albeit it isn’t a predominantly Roman Catholic country. The romantic feel of South Korea is mostly enjoyed by young couples watching Koreans engage in Christmas carols, gift-giving, their own version of Santa Claus called Santa Haraboji and of course the festivals celebrated by Christians in this country. In Seoul, the visitors would be treated to a spectacle of their decorations and Christmas lights.



This small country offers a big experience during the Christmas season. Almost all of the sky scrapers are covered with Christmas lights. There are also presentations at Gardens by the Bay and the Orchard Road which is decorated grandiosely. If you are itching for snow like how it is in the Western countries, no need to travel anymore to that side of the world as Universal Studios got that experience covered for you.



Albeit that Vietnam is a predominantly a Buddhist country, they consider Christmas as their most important festival/holiday. As Vietnam is a former colony of France, their Christmas eve feast is also called ‘Reveilon’ and ‘bûche de Noël’ as their desert afterwards. People like to give food to each other and some young Vietnamese also give each other Christmas cards. Their Santa is called ‘Ông Giá Noel’ which mean Christmas old man. People celebrate Christmas eve by taking pictures, enjoying the decorations and by throwing confetti.



Why not celebrate the festive season at the only Roman Catholic country in Asia? The people here like to celebrate Christmas as long as possible. People begin to put Christmas lights starting mid-September. Young people like to carol starting at December 16th. This country is also famed for its Misa de Gallo which is 9 consecutive Mass leading up to December 25th and it is said that if you complete it, your wish will be granted. They also have their ‘Parol’ which is a representation of the Star of Bethlehem. They also celebrate Christmas Eve with a big meal called ‘Noche Buena’.

By: Rhys Manapat

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