Fireworks at its Finest: New Year 2016

Fireworks at its Finest: New Year 2016
02 Jan 2016

Although the Western countries celebrate New Year’s Eve (NYE) with the most colorful night skies display over the years, Asian countries are not left behind. A lot of Asian countries have been celebrating NYE with large fireworks events and was believed that Asia might be the next popular destination after the United States to celebrate NYE.

Here are some of the video clips from the recent New Year’s Eve celebrations around Asia (Click the image to play video).


1. From YouTuber Teoh Yi Chie: New Year 2016 Fireworks in Singapore at Marina Bay (4K)


2. From YouTuber Raihan Han: 2016 NEW YEAR FIREWORKS IN BALI


3. From YouTuber 陳志通: 2016 101 跨年 煙火 TAIWAN TAIPEI FIREWORKS 少煙版 by louisch 陳志通 4K 1080P


4. From YouTuber Red Plus: New Year’s Eve countdown 2016 magnificent fireworks at twin tower KLCC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

By: Rhys Manapat

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