Dining Etiquettes of Indonesians

Dining Etiquettes of Indonesians
23 Nov 2015

Every country has different dining etiquettes or table manners depending on their cultures. Etiquette covers nearly all aspects of dining, from attitudes to the use of cutleries. Eastern countries, such as Indonesia, have different ways of eating from Western countries. As an example, in Indonesia, it is very common to eat with hands while sitting cross legged. Though each island has different etiquettes, below are 8 dining etiquettes that are commonly used by Indonesians.

1. Pray before and after you eat to show your gratitude


Credit:Rudy Suryanto

You can pray by yourself or together with all of the guests or family members, depending on the situation and religion.

2. Start your dining after all food is served


Credit: Daniel Go

Do not start eating unless all food has been served on the table as it is very impolite.

3. Start from the oldest to the youngest


Credit: Ciri Cara

It is important to let the oldest ones eat first, followed by the younger ones to the youngest – in a company event, start from people with high to low position.

4. Use serving spoon or ladle


Credit: kleuske

Never use your own spoon to pick food, except in a very informal dining. If there is no ladle, ask the waiters or waitresses to bring one.

5. Use spoon, knife, or chopsticks on your right hand and fork on your left hand


Credit: Kurnia Hindriyarin

Left hand is only used to hold fork, unless you are left-handed. Use hands only when appropriate – generally in informal dining with friends, families, or acquaintances.

6. Ask for permission when leaving the table


Credit: Tips Kehidupan

When you need to receive or make call, go to the bathroom, or any other reason, always politely ask for the host’s permission. If necessary, ask for forgiveness for leaving the table in the middle of the dining.

7. Always finish your dining

Do not waste any food because it indicates that you don’t appreciate the food.

8. Throw away your tissue after using it

Do not put your used tissue on the table, plate, or bowl as it will affect others’ appetites.

Written by: Nadia Ananda Herianto

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