#BestInternship2015 deadline extended to 17 August due to popular demand!

#BestInternship2015 deadline extended to 17 August due to popular demand!
07 Aug 2015

The search for 3 lucky interns to go on an all-expenses paid trip around Asia for two weeks continues! Due to popular demand, we are extending the submission deadline for #BestInternship2015 entries to 17 August 2015.

If you haven’t applied, now is your chance to do so! We’re looking for candidates who are fun-loving, adventurous, who love travelling and meeting new people.

Get to visit countries in Asia of your choice, explore the different facets of the world’smost diverse and culturally rich region. Stay with like-minded local hosts who will open up their homes to you. Explore an area of interest in the countries you visit, be it nightlife, architecture, culture, street food or shopping…

All you need to do is to upload a 90-second video telling us why you are the best intern for the job. In your video, you should also:

  • Tell us more about yourself and why you are keen to do the #BestInternship2015
  • What is the area of interest or theme you would like to explore during the internship
  • The title of your video should include the ‘#BestInternship2015’ hashtag and be uploaded on your own social media platforms (YouTube / Vimeo /Facebook).
  • Share with us a public link to view the video (please do not send us the actual video file, or a download link)
  • Share with us the links to your social media accounts

Find out more about the entry requirements for #BestInternship2015 HERE

If you haven’t submitted your entry video, do so HERE

We’ve received a number of great submissions from all over the world, and the competition is heating up. Here are a few:

From Abi of The Philippines

From Kyle and Tien of Vietnam

From Anthony of Malaysia



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