5 Reasons in Choosing Home over Hotel Accommodations

5 Reasons in Choosing Home over Hotel Accommodations
27 Aug 2015

After working for non-stop hours and eventually earn extra money, many would start planning on their vacation for the holidays as early as possible. Savings or extra money that you will get play a big role since the next number of days that you will spend are the days that you’ll probably spend more than what you usually do.

As many believed, hotels are usually the only place where they can stay comfortably with security. But this was never the only option. There are tourists who tend to look for other means of accommodation like renting BnB’s, rooms, apartments or villas. This has been a trend with Western countries but has starting to become popular among Asian countries already.

There are five reasons as to why most of the travelers choose home accommodations over hotels:



1. Experience Unique Local Culture

Staying in a local home means that you will get to experience the community’s culture as well. You can experience many things which are not tied with the usual tourist guides like trying out street food or buy local souvenirs in the community’s market, or go to visit different places like local parks, museums and important community monuments.



2. Supporting Locals’ Business

Renting out local rooms or houses is like helping the hosts’ business as well. There is also an impact within the community as well. As you spend in buying their products and services, in any amount, you have helped these people on their small businesses as well.



3. Spacious Rooms and Private Amenities

As they say, “You get what you pay for.” But this is not the case with local hosting. You pay for a comparatively lower price than most of the hotels but still get a quality place where you can sleep and stay on your vacation days.  And this is not just about a typical bed and bath room, but you also have the privilege of their laundry, kitchen, living room and almost any stuff the owners can offer to you.

4. Safety and Privacy

These are two important things travelers are worried of. As you have established a wonderful relationship with your hosts, this also means that you have entrusted your safety with them. As for privacy, you need not to worry that much too since you will only stay with the hosts, and with your travel buddies if you have any. That means no room service, no public pool, and NO angry neighbors.



5. Value of Money

Knowing that renting from home owners are a lot cheaper than hotels, other expenses will follow. On top of that, you will enjoy your trip more with accommodating and hospitable like-minded hosts as they will be a great companions and tour guides at the same time.


By: Rhys Manapat


PandaBed  is an online community for like-minded homeowners and travelers to list; discover and book trustworthy homes, apartments, villa, b&b and homestay across Asia. Our PeerMatch feature empowers host and guest to be connected in areas like culture, language and religion. With over 10,000 homes, PandaBed provides an authentic and trustworthy traveling experience.



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